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Bio / History

Greg Poulos has been playing music since age seven, when he began studying piano. He started writing original piano instrumentals a few years later. It wasn't until 1987 that he took a few guitar lessons and found the perfect instrument for performing. Jason Nunn, a local friend, and Greg began banging on their guitars for whoever would listen.

While attending Western Michigan University, Greg studied the Grateful Dead songbook, learning nearly every Dead original. From this experience, he was exposed to a wide variety of amazing music, including traditional and modern bluegrass, blues, Appalachian folk songs, and jazz.

On April 16, 1991, Greg performed in public for the first time with group of friends at a local Kalamazoo, Michigan open mic. Quickly tiring of performing cover songs, Greg began writing his own material and formed his first band, Miles Out.

Greg - 1991 / ©1991 GP

Miles Out - v1

The first version of Miles Out played primarily parties and benefits, with Greg playing lead electric and acoustic guitar. This was a blues-influenced band, covering classic blues and folk songs, with a sprinkling of original material. Miles Out learned how to be a band on stage, often playing to confused, sparse crowds, but always having a good time.

Miles Out - v1 / ©1992 GP

Miles Out - v2

After the first version of Miles Out disbanded in the Fall of 1992, the second version played its first show at a Halloween party that same year. The musical focus shifted from blues to electric folk-rock, emphasizing originals. The band continued to grow, recording an album of all original material in 1993. Miles Out, version two, disbanded in early 1994.

Miles Out - v2 / ©1993 GP

Poulos Fuerst Overdrive

The Poulos Fuerst Overdrive was an acoustic duo that played when Miles Out wasn't gigging or rehearsing. Comprised of Greg on guitar and vocals, and Mike Fuerst from Miles Out on bass, the PFO tried to sound like a full band with just two people, emphasizing improvisation.

Catfish Gracie

In 1996, Greg and fellow Miles Out alumnus Jeff Mueller had a lapse of judgement and bought banjos. While their banjo careers were short lived, this experience led to the creation of a modern bluegrass band, Catfish Gracie. This band played mostly cover songs - traditional bluegrass mixed with bluegrass versions of folk and rock songs - and achieved a modest level of success in Kalamazoo, Michigan, earning a small but loyal following. Catfish Gracie still performs occasionally.

Catfish Gracie / ©1998 GP

Greg Poulos

Greg has always had a solo acoustic act. Performing mainly in coffee houses and other suitable listening venues, Greg continues to write and play his own compositions, with an occasional dose of Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and other obscure artists. In 2002, Greg recorded and released his first solo album of original songs titled Change Your Life.