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I woke up Tuesday morning and turned on channel five
Two towers were on fire - two eagles hit the side
I didn't know what happened, but I knew something was wrong
Two smokestacks on the skyline two hours after dawn

I saw it in slow motion like a Hollywood cartoon
But any doubt I might've had just vanished all too soon
Then one after another with an unforgotten sound
Twin soldiers disappeared - twin soldiers hit the ground

You can't break my back and you can't keep me down
'Cause I believe that freedom will keep me standing tall
Despite the weight upon my shoulders and confusion on my mind
I will rise up even stronger and heal over time

Another eagle turned around and headed toward a star
It went down much too early without getting very far
Nobody saw it coming - nobody had a clue
I watched the walls collapsing on channel sixty-two


A last farewell from heaven - from a rider in the sky
Who took a vote to take control or at the very least to try
The odds were stacked against them, but they were still alive
And they put the eagle in a field so that others could survive


Copyright ©2001 by Greg Poulos (9/14/01), but distribute at will.

What folks have said about this song:
  • Very cool Greg. Very cool.
  • Thank you. It's very moving.
  • I downloaded your song. It's pretty cool. Thanks for telling me about it. I passed it on to a couple of other folks too.
  • What I heard sounds good. Peace.
  • Your song 9-11 has truly moved me. I can't put into words how I feel. Through music such as yours, maybe we can heal. Thank you for sharing such a moving song with us.
  • Nice work, Greg.
  • Moving & inspiring - thanks for passing this on.
  • This is extremely touching. Thank you for sharing it with me.
  • We all listened to the song this morning, and everybody thought it was great. Very haunting melody and the words are wonderful.
  • I am sure you have gotten a million emails by now, thanking you for the song, but I wanted to thank you as well. It is a very touching song and a strong song as well. I think we will all rise up even stronger and heal over time. Thank you for your contribution to America as we try to heal.
  • I think the song is wonderful! Great job.
  • [Your song] was moving, and I will share it with my friends.
  • Just a little note to say I think your song is very cool....nice touch bro.
  • Your song was very touching... I hope that you get some exposure... I think it's great and should get some play on the radio!
  • It was with so much emotion that I read the lyrics to your song. It expressed every single emotion we felt as we watched helplessly on Sept 11. Well written, Greg.
  • The song you wrote really touches the hearts of people. It was great. Thanks.
  • I just heard your song and I loved it so much. Your lyrics really mean a lot to me.
  • Your song was awesome... It is a great song and you sound great singing it... I really love this song you have done.
  • Thank you Greg!! This is truly a moving song. You have put into a song what so many Americans are feeling. God Bless you and America!!
  • I am a World Trade Center survivor. Your song is to the point and beautifully written. When I heard it, I cried. You have no idea what that song means to me. Thank you so much for helping with the pain in my heart.
  • Your song is very heartfelt. It's people like you that help us with our pain. Thank you very much for your work on a very pretty song!

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