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'Cause I Loved You
Your daddy said you're much too young to marry
He asked me why I was in such a hurry
Well I told him I can't think
And I haven't slept a wink
'Cause I love you, yes I love you

I told him I'd be true to you my honey
But he don't like my lack of spending money
Well I'll work all night and day
For a wedding date in May
'Cause I love you, yes I love you

Oh, why don't we go, let's run away 'cause I need you
Why, why do you cry, I thought we saw love in each other

I can't believe the words that I am saying
But I'm just sick and tired of your playing
You could have been my wife
And we could have shared a life
'Cause I loved you, yes I loved you
'Cause I loved you, yes I loved you

A Catfish Gracie bluegrass original
Copyright ©2003 by Greg Poulos (3/23/03)