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Dry and Lonesome with the Demijohn Blues
Late Saturday or Sunday somewhere back up in the hills
The old boys got to drinking shine and cooking up the stills
Old Cooter got so squirley as had a sip to drink
His eyebrows turned to yellow and his fingers turned to pink

The coyotes were all sleeping and the moon was in the sky
Mr. Maynard looked so thirsty with a demon in his eye
He finished off his cup and let the cold corn whiskey flow
As it worked its moonshine magic from his head down to his toes

Gone, gone, our whiskey is gone
Lord help us now - what shall we do?
Our short lives of trouble have just gotten worse
Dry and lonesome with the demijohn blues

Sometime after midnight with the fire burnin' low
Cousin Arlen jumped up after stepping on a coal
His foot turned into blisters but he didn't feel the pain
Because the sweet Kentucky Medicine just hit him like a train


As the bluebirds started singing and the dew formed on the trees
Elmer fell asleep with the bottle on his knee
And with the lightning all gone and a kettle on his mind
He dreamed of a river flowin' Mississippi Shine


A Catfish Gracie bluegrass original
Copyright ©1999 by Greg Poulos (5/28/99 & 12/28/02)