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That Hairy Song
On the day that I met you, I was barely old enough to drive a car
To find your cabin on the highway, your v-dub in the driveway
And hoping that you'd take me to the bar

I brought my suitcase full of bootlegs to your kitchen full of children
    Making pumpkin pie diapers by the mile
I stumbled up the stairs and saw you pissing out the window
I could tell that we would get along just fine

After all the years I've known ya
After all the beers I've owed ya
And after all the good times that you brought along
You're still that hairy man
And you're singing that hairy song

You offered me a New Castle and asked if I liked Pigpen
    I didn't really know what I should say
You put on Doin' That Rag and said it sounded better drunk
And I believe it still sounds better drunk today

So many miles on the road, so many stoners getting stoned
    So many stories that nobody would believe
Brent Mydland in the bar, Mars Hotel hat in the car
Gator wine and raw meat hanging in a tree


Hairy man, hairy man, you're so hairy
Hairy man, hairy man, you're so hairy

Don't forget the cast of characters that made it all worthwhile
    Demian, Gravy, Aiko, Pogo, and Big Joe
The kooks from Kalamazoo, Miles Out, and Tinker, too
And don't forget, "Hey sweetheart" - Jack-a-Roe

So Howell like a hippie and never cut your hair off
    Do the crack dance 'til the rooster calls you home
'Cause the music makes it better in any kind of weather
And with your friends you'll never drink or dance alone

Copyright ©2001 by Greg Poulos (11/15/01)