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I'll Never Know
What does it mean when a woman loves a man
And what does it mean when she's leaving
What does it mean if she never will return
What does it mean, I'll never know

How many times can I count on your assistance
And how many times have I tried
How many times must I question my existence
How many times, I'll never know

Where will I go when the sun's on the horizon
And where will I go when I die
Where will I go if the hangman is a-waiting
Where will I go, I'll never know

Why did she lie when I asked her for an answer
And why did she lie to my friend
Why did she lie if I gave her my forgiveness
Why did she lie, I'll never know

When in the past have I taken back my promise
And when in the past have I lied
When in the past have I truly hurt another
When in the past, I'll never know

Who can it be come a-knockin at my window
And who can it be come the end
Who can it be bring me roses from the garden
Who can it be, I don't know

Copyright ©1994 by Greg Poulos (BMI) (1/5/94)