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Born unto the world a simple man
With disregard for institution
He had a better plan

To get away and fly among the birds
He planted seeds that kept on growing
He wanted to be heard

He found a brother, then another friend
Who found one more - that made it four
Warriors 'til the end

Ride, soldier, ride
Use your words to turn the tides
Fly, soldier, fly
Then drift away

Days slip away too fast
Don't know how long this trip will last
Painting pictures of the past
And of the future

Time takes its toll upon the wisest man
And nobody is invincible
Which he now understands

He Cherises the years that lie ahead
Preferring to express himself
Reciting words instead

The twilight of his life is drawing near
Embodied in the songs he writes
And music left to hear


Copyright ©2000 by Greg Poulos (2/17/00)