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Let Me Take You Home
Baby got lost off the coast of Beaver Island
Looked so fine with a feather in her hair
She hitched a ride up to Mackinac City
Where there's August on the streets and December in the air
We made our way past the town of St. Helena
And limped on by the Manitou Reef

I thought I died and was sailing up to heaven
With my baby in my arms and my back against the breeze
Hang on little baby, let me take you home
Let me take you home

Before too long, just south of Escanaba
A dozen miles from the New Vienna Shoal
The sun was sinking on the beautiful horizon
My baby found out she wasn't lost no more

You're not like the other girls
'Cause you're crazy 'nough to hang around me
But your lonely mama's crying for you
And I'll be crying when it's time for you to leave

The moon was in the sky off the coast of Beaver Island
My baby looked so sad with tears welling up her eyes
She thanked me for the ride up to Mackinac City
And spread her little wings as I kissed her goodbye

Copyright ©1999 by Greg Poulos & Jeff Mueller (9/99)