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Time to Go
Time to go, time to go
I've had a lovely time
I tried my best to make it work
All through the constant whining

I've seen them come, I've seen them quit
Some lasted but a day
When you're led by mediocrity
There's no reason left to stay - time to go

Untold riches, golden dreams
And money in the bank
You preached cooperation
But prayed a different game

Your promises were smoke and mirrors
With a superficial twist
Your ignorance an inside joke
That only you could miss - time to go

Adios, sayonara
Auf wiedersehen, farewell
Can't say I'll miss your company -
Your little piece of hell

So there you have it, I'm out the door
On to a better trip
To stand my ground, do my thing
And not take any shit - time to go

Copyright ©1998 by Greg Poulos (12/27/98)