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8-6-91 Harvey's on the Mall / ©1991 GP

xx-xx-91 5100 Texas Drive, Portage, MI (xxx)
*(Kelly's Party - Mike, Greg, and a roomful of drummers)*

04-16-91 Harvey's On The Mall, Kalamazoo, MI (TUE)
After Midnight, I Know You Rider, Women Are Smarter, Willin, The Weight, Brokedown Palace
*(Eric Peterson, Jon Woodin, Greg, Kelly, Pogo)*
*(set list incomplete)*
*(Open Mic Night - first public performance)*

04-21-91 5100 Texas Drive, Portage, MI (SUN)
Drumz, Bobby McGee, The Weight, Brokedown Palace, Bird Song
*(Kelly's Party)*

05-18-91 Anderson's Organic Chicken Farm, Howell, MI (SAT)
Green Onions, One Kind Favor, Eyes, Hard to Handle, Hurts Me Too, Jam, Smokestack, Hard to Handle, Jam, Big Boss Man, Hurts Me Too, Heaven's Door, Hard to Handle, Mr. Charlie
*(Derby Party)*
*(Greg, Jason, Pogo, Mike Fallon, Jeff, Mr. Leavell)*

06-21-91 5100 Texas Drive, Portage, MI (FRI)
Ghost of a Dog, Oak Cliff Bra, Swing Low, 12 Past Midnight, Katie Mae, Race Is On, Rider, Keep Your Lamps, Glass Onion, For What It's Worth, Teach Your Children, Cinnamon Girl, Ohio, Find The Cost of Freedom, Chris' Tune, Bid You Goodnight, Minglewood, Brokedown Palace, Ripple> Bird Song, Heaven's Door> Jack-A-Roe, FOTD
*(Kelly's Party)*
*(Kelly, Bruce, Greg, Chris, Rick, Pogo)*

08-06-91 Harvey's On The Mall, Kalamazoo, MI (TUE)
Midnight Moonlight, I Know You Rider> Four Fingers, NFA
*(Jason, Greg, Pogo, Tomas)*
*(Open Mic Night)*

09-16-91 Chaps On Main, Kalamazoo, MI (MON)
*(Greg, Pogo, Pete)*
*(Open Mic Night)*

09-2x-91 Saniwax Building, Kalamazoo, MI (xxx)
Fever, Throwing Stones, White Rabbit
*(Greg, Mike, Pogo, Pete)*
*(set list incomplete)*

10-20-91 Saniwax Building, Kalamazoo, MI (SUN)
Hesitation Blues, I Shot The Sheriff, Frozen Logger, Twilight Zone, Stupid Rap, Dark Star, Star Trek, Jam> Roadhouse Blues
*(Greg, Mike Donahue, Pogo)*

10-30-91 Missias, Kalamazoo, MI (WED)
Werewolves> Franklin's> Werewolves
*(Greg, Mike Donahue)*
*(Open Mic Night)*
*(set list incomplete)*

11-03-91 Missias, Kalamazoo, MI (SUN)
KC Road, Lucky Old Sun, SF Bay Blues
*(Greg, Pogo, Mike Donahue)*
*(billed as "Green Tennis Shoes", also: The Sleestacks)*
*(set list incomplete)*

11-04-91 Chaps On Main, Kalamazoo, MI (MON)
Midnight Hour Blues, WRS Prelude> Heaven Help The Fool, Key To The Highway, KC Road, Hesitation Blues, Katie Mae, SF Bay Blues, Hurts Me Too
*(Greg, Pogo, Brent)*
*(Open Mic Night)*

12-09-91 Chaps On Main, Kalamazoo, MI (MON)
Melissa, Midnight Hour Blues, Long Black Veil, Hesitation Blues, Genesis, Dark Star> Sing Me Back Home, Katie Mae
*(Open Mic Night)*

12-16-91 Chaps On Main, Kalamazoo, MI (MON)
Melissa, Katie Mae, Long Black Veil, Dark Star> Sing Me Back Home, FOTD, Hesitation Blues
*(Open Mic Night)*

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